Friday, October 1, 2010

Lady Pamela Hicks to write memoirs

Lady Pamela Hicks, 81, younger daughter of the late Earl and Countess Mountbatten, is to write her memoirs, according to the Daily Telegraph. The rights to the book have been purchased by the British firm Weidenfeld & Nicolson.
:"Lady Pamela Hicks is a natural storyteller with a unique story to tell," said Weidenfeld & Nicolson's publishing director, Kirsty Dunseath. A great-great-granddaughter of Queen Victoria, Lady Pamela was a bridesmaid to then Princess Elizabeth in 1947. Queen Elizabeth's husband, Prince Philip, is Lady Pamela's first cousin. In the 1950s, Lady Pamela served as one of Queen's ladies-in-waiting.
In 1960, she married the David Hicks, the "flamboyant late interior designer." They had three children, Edwina, Ashley and India.

In 2009.  Lady Pamela and India Hicks were the co-authors of India Remembered: A Personal Account of the Mountbattens During the Transfer of Power.

Lady Pamela is not the first member of her family to write her memoirs. In 2009, Pamela's nephew, the Hon. Timothy Knatchbull published his memoirs,  From a Clear Blue Sky, was published by Hutchinson.