Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Read More About it: Agnes Princess zu Salm-Salm


For more information on Agnes Elisabeth Winona Leclerq Joy, the American-born wife of a penurious German soldier of fortune, Prince Felix zu Salm-Salm, please see the following books

My Diary in Mexico in 1867, including the last days of the Emperor Maximilian; with leaves from the diary of the Princess Salm-Salm by Prince Felix zu Salm-Salm (British Library: 2010)

Soldier Princess The Life and Legend of Agnes Salm-Salm in North America, 1861-1867

  The Prince and the Yankee: Tale of a Country Girl who Became a Princess by Robert N. White (Tauris: 2003)

Ten Years of My Life by Princess Agnes zu Salm-Salm

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