Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Diana & William A Very Special Collector's Issue

I knew it ...  I knew it was going to happen  ... there had be one royal wedding magazine that was about Diana.

Diana & William A Very Special Collector's Issue was published by WU Magazine, based in Poughkeepsie, NY.  Sixty eight glossy pages of nauseous text and lots and lots of photos of Diana and William.  Plenty of photos of Diana. 

The articles are so laced with sugar that you might need to see a doctor for a diabetes test after even glancing through the magazine,   "Diana How She Became the People's Princess."  "What would Diana have thought about the union of William and Kate? "   (Easy answer: I think Diana would have seen William's bride as competition!)    My favorite absolute nonsense article: "Why she chose to be a Hands on Royal Mom."  

Er um, Diana had a lot of help from the moment she brought William home from the hospital.  If she were a hands-on mom, Charles was most certainly a hands-on dad.  After the couple separated,  Charles and Diana each saw their two sons for forty days per year.  

It was a single father who raised his sons after the death of their mother.

This magazine is described as the Summer 2011 issue.  The price is $5.99.   Yuck .. which means the Dianamanics will love it.

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