Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ladies of Spain by Andrew Morton

Andrew Morton has written a new book, Ladies of Spain, which has been published in Spain ... and yes, in Spanish.  He wrote the book in English, and the Spanish publisher had the book translated into Spanish.  The book is about Queen Sofia, Infantas Elena and Cristina and the Princess of Asturias.

So far, the book has not been published in the original English. The Spanish edition can be purchased from Amazon's Kindle store.  I do not know if or when the book will be published in English. 


The Kindle stores are also offering in Spanish a biography on Iñaki Urdangarin.

These books are in Spanish only, and available in a Kindle edition, although there is also a hardcover Spanish book.

Here is the link to for the book.


  1. I would love to read it, but it is so expensive....
    Eva McDonald

  2. The kindle is not too costly, but it is only in Spanish

  3. The book "Urdangarin" is not a biography, but a book about the Urdangarin case.
    And the book by Morton is very, very bad.

  4. Why is it bad? Wonder if the original English version will be published.

    1. No relevant information. It is just a "copy & paste" of other books, previously published. And most of the bibliography are books written in Spanish. I wonder how he could read them, considering the author does not speak or read Spanish.
      If it is published in English, it could be considered a good book, with many information for those who cannot read Spanish books.

    2. thanks. Still hope it gets published in English even though sales would be limited. Incidentally, Cristina's issues have made the newspapers here, including the New York Times and Washington Post, as well as CNN.