Friday, August 28, 2015

Prince William of Gloucester and his family: Books

Britain's Channel 4's documentary on the late Prince William of Gloucester (1941-1972) brings the need for a post on books about the prince, a first cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, and his family.

Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucesters, memoirs are delight ... two different volumes.  Noble Frankland's biography on Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester, is dry, with an intense snore factor.  Readers need to fight their way through the book, as it is interesting.  Difficult to spice up the life of a dull, military-minded prince.  

Giles St. Aubyn's Pioneer Prince was commissioned by the family after the death of Prince William in a plane crash.   Lisa Sheridan's Prince William of Gloucester (published in 1945) is currently unavailable (on Amazon or  There are copies available from dealers (   Use the out of print search box.

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