Tuesday, April 13, 2021

People Royals and People William and Kate 10 Joyous Years


People magazine has joined the royal market with a new quarterly publication, People Royals.  Spring 2021 is the first issue and features the Duchess of Cambridge on the cover.    This 96-page magazine has interesting articles, not gossipy, on the Duchess of Cambridge, an interview with the Prince of Monaco, an excerpt from Ingrid Seward's recent biography of Prince Philip, William and Catherine's pandemic train tour, an excellent profile of Princess Anne, Queen Elizabeth's christening and Meghan's fashions.

I could have done without "What Tea Time Means to Me" by Sarah Ferguson.  She is a former royal, a divorced wife.  Yes, please include articles on the York princesses, but leave Fergie on the cutting floor!

I would love to see more non-British royals featured in upcoming issues.  The focus is largely the current royals so do not expect to see many historical pieces

The newsstand price is $12.99.  If you subscribe now, you can get 4 issues for $20.00.  I plan on taking advantage of this offer.



With a play on How's it Going and How it started, People has published  William and Kate 10 Joyous Years A Royal Marriage.  This 96-page Anniversary Edition looks at the first ten years of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's married life.

This is a carefully crafted book that provides readers with how they met, their romance and wedding,  parenthood, the Middletons, the jewels, and a prescient chapter on Elizabeth and Philip's 10th anniversary.  

William and Kate is lavishly illustrated with photographs.  This publication will be appreciated by contemporary royal historians and fans of the Cambridges.

The newsstand price is $14.99.

Both publications are available where books and magazines are sold including bookstores, newsstands, and supermarkets.

And one of the best Wedding publications!

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