Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Sirrell the Squirrel by Juliet Rood

Sirrell the Squirrel looks positively adorable.  According to the book's website, this is a "very special book written with the sole purpose of bringing the magic of the Scottish Highlands to life."

It is a "heartwarming tale of a squirrel who unexpectedly finds himself a long way from his home in the Scottish Highlands."


The book costs £14.99 (UK orders only.)  If you live outside the UK and want to order the book, please use this email:

The author is Juliet Rood, who has the honor of being the last person to receive permission to marry from the Sovereign, according to the Royal Marriages Act, which was superseded by the Succession to the Crown Act.

Mrs. Rood is the second of three children of the Hon. Katharine Nicolson and Captain Mark Nicolson.  Katharine is the heiress presumptive to her mother, Lady Saltoun.

The illustrations were created by Saskia Robertson, a "Scotland-based artist, illustrator and calligrapher."  She and Juliet Rood are childhood friends.

Robertson runs Edinburgh Letters, a design company.

Juliet Rood is a QVD.

Victoria - Arthur - Patricia - Alexander - Katharine - Juliet

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