Monday, April 30, 2012

Marie a French Princess in Denmark by Inger-Lise Klausen and Ted Rosvall

A new book will be released in Copenhagen tomorrow, May 2nd. It is MARIE 1865-1909, A French Princess in Denmark, by Inger-Lise Klausen and Ted Rosvall, and published by Rosvall Royal Books.

An unusual Princess, Marie of Orléans married into the Danish Royal Family and became the sister-in-law of Europe. Her husband, Prince Valdemar, was the brother of Queen Alexandra of England, Empress Maria F...eodorovna (Dagmar) of Russia, King Frederik VIII of Denmark, King Georg I of Greece and of Thyra, would-be Queen of Hanover. Unique pictures of an almost forgotten Princess and an interesting text, which involves a lot of Danish, European and Asian history. The short life of a gifted, impulsive and independent Princess.

144 pages, large format, 140 illustrations, many never before seen.
The launch will start at 3.30 PM by the Princess Marie Monument at Langelinie, exactly 100 years after the inauguration of this statue. About 15 of Marie's Rosenborg and Bourbon-Parma descendants will attend.

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