Monday, April 2, 2012

The Royal Hellenic Dynasty

Eurohistory first published The Royal Hellenic Dynasty in 2007. The book remains in print, and obtainable from Amazon.
This is a stunning book of photographs of members of three Greek royal family based on the collection of Mrs. Helen Helmis-Markesinis, which she inherited from her aunt.  Prince Michael of Greece, a family friend, helped whittle down a collection of more than 1000 photographs of members of European royal families to about 200 photos of the Greek Royal family.

This book of photographs was first published in Greece (in Greek). 

The photographs are amazing, and cover the time period from King George I and Queen Olga to the 1940s.  Many of the photographs were signed.  Some rather sweet photographs of royal children, including a newborn Princess Sophia, now Queen Sofia of Spain.

This book features family portraits, weddings, baptisms, group photographs (an absolutely gorgeous one of Princess Marina and her two sisters taken in the 1930s) and members of Greek Royal house carrying out official duties. 

This book is a must have for all royal collectors, as many of the photographs were published for the first time.  The price of The Royal Hellenic Dynasty is $49.95.

Favorite photos:  the bejeweled and beautiful Queen Sophie of Greece (one of my favorites: we share the same birth date) and a young Prince Philip.

(On Amazon, look for the books sold by royalwriter.)

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