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Now on Kindle only new titles on Princess Helena and the Romanovs

Helena: Queen Victoria's Third Daughter is by royal biographer, John van der Kiste.

The Last Romanovs: In Their Own Words by Helen Azar

You do not need to own a Kindle to read these books. If you have an IPad, other tablets, or a Smartphone, you can download the Kindle app from the from Apple or Google Play.   The app is free. 

I have the Kindle and Nook apps on my IPad.   Neither of these books are available in printed word.  Bummer.

Kindle books are geo-blocked.  If you live in the USA, for example, you can download only items on the US Amazon site.  Americans cannot download books from's Kindle site.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Thursday, August 22, 2013

A selection of Royal Baby magazines

I walked into my local Barnes & Noble last weekend to check out the latest Hello! and found a display of Royal Baby commemorative magazines.  One would expect to see a display rack like this in Smith's at Victoria Station, but this display is in Springfield,  Virginia. 

In other words: the birth of Prince George was big news in the USA, and it comes as no surprise that publishers big and small are rushing out commemorative magazines in honor of Prince George's  birth.   The same thing happened in 1982 following the birth of Prince William.

The quality of the magazines range from People and Life to Royal Baby and Woman Royal Baby (which comes from England.)  Although the I have not acquired all of the new magazines, I will try to include information about the magazines I have purchased or the ones I left behind.   I am sure there are more commemorative magazines in the United Kingdom, as well as in Canada and Australia.

People's 80- page Special Collector's Edition, Hello, Prince George, features a selection of the first photos taken outside the Lindo Wing, St, Mary's Hospital.  This well produced magazine also includes several chapters on William and Catherine's romance, their wedding, their childhoods, Catherine's maternity fashions, and Meet the family: from Great Grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II to second cousins, Savannah and Isla Phillips.    This is a magazine to keep.  It is more like a large size paperback book.

The magazine will remain on sale through November 1.  The price is $11.99 ($15.00 Canadian,)

The Little Prince ($11.99/16.99) is the title of Life's Commemorative issue.  This 96-page soft cover volume includes a historical photos of Princes and Princesses, chapters on "When Charles was the Royal Baby" and "When Wills was the Royal Baby", and "Born to be a Princess."  

This special issue includes photos of royal babies around the world (historical) and rather well-written articles on the Queen, the Prince of Wales (a rather positive portrait), little George's Uncle Harry and Aunt Pippa, wedding photos  -- and of course, the first baby photos.

As this publication was produced by Life, the focus is on the image, and the text is secondary.  The text is good and accurate, but the photos, from the historical images to the beaming new mom (who resembles a young Dame Diana Rigg, which is a true compliment) on the front cover, makes this magazine a winner. 

This magazine is also on sale through November 1.

The People and Life special issues are both from the same publisher, Time, Inc.

Now that Newsweek is only available online (and recently sold again), I do not expect this once venerable and respected news magazine to produce a special issue.

After the People and Life magazines, the quality goes straight down.
Woman, a British women's magazine, has produced the Royal Baby Souvenir issue (£2.99/$7.99). The cover trumpets "246 amazing photos inside) with insider details about the fairytale nursery, christening preparations and the lavish gifts.  Let's be realistic: most of the photographs are not of the new baby.  

I did like the selection of photographs of the Duchess of Cambridge as a child.  Some of these photos I had not seen before, a nice surprise.  This magazine also features a photo of Catherine and William and George meeting the press with the focus on the press.  Look closely and you will see the very pregnant Camilla Tominey, who is the royal correspondent for the Sunday Express, and The Today Show's Natalie Morales, taking photos with their mobile phones.

It is doubtful that the duke and duchess will ask David Beckham to be one of George's godparents, despite what it is written in this magazine.  Yes, there are articles on grandpa Charles and grandma Carole, and a report on young European royals, but dear writer at Woman,  George is not going to marry a foreign royal.  

Historical Collector's Edition presents Royal Baby, a 66-page glossy magazine published in New York City.   Not much text here, but plenty of photos: William, Catherine, the baby, christenings, historic royal photos,  Catherine's maternity fashions, what the nursery might be like for a prince or a princess (one assumes most of the magazine was ready for press before George's birth).  

The penultimate page has several photos about the celebrations in "Buckleberry".  Don't these editors ever check things.  It is bad enough that the magazine is Historical Collector's Edition (when it should be Historical Collectors' Edition, unless I am the only person to have this magazine), but BUCKLEBERRY.   The town does not have Buckle berry fruits.  The town is called Bucklebury.

Thankfully this magazine will be on sale only until September 30.  The price is $7.99 in the US and in Canada.

Royal Life is a bi-monthly glossy magazine published by Legacy Magazines, based on Clacton, Essex, although the magazine is printed in Montana.  This magazine does not compete with Majesty because it focuses on the British Royal Family, and does not feature articles or photographs of European or Asian royal families.

The Royal Life Royal Baby Special issue is Issue #5.   The cover shows the new parents outside the Lindo Wing as they present their son to the world. 

The magazine's ubiquitous articles feature the young William and Catherine, their romance, the Wedding, the whole world celebrates the birth of baby Cambridge.  it seems the magazine went to press within hours of the first photo call because there are no references to the baby's name.

Good quality and value (£4.99/$7.99) and plenty of photographs of William and Catherine.

I also purchased Princess Kate Portraits of the Future Queen, a special commemorative magazine, published by New York based-Topix media.   Catherine is the focus of the magazine, which was on sale through August 20.  Plenty of photos of her fashions, her beauty secrets, and 20 pages devoted to Diana, Princess of Wales.

No points for accuracy.   Lady Louise Windsor is not the Queen's youngest grandchild. She has a younger brother, James.  In the photo identification for the wedding photograph,  William is described as HRH Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, but his wife is listed as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.  Sloppy to say the least.   Most Kate fans won't notice the errors.  They will like the magazine because of the photos and the Kate fashion tips.

These are the magazines that I have purchased.

 I expect more to be published, perhaps after the baptism.  

Royal Baby, published by Archant, is available on both sides of the pond, including Barnes & Noble.  I browsed through the publication.  Lots of photographs, but I passed on purchasing it because there were better magazines available, such as the Life commemorative issue.

The Press Association, Britain's domestic news agency and Future Publishing teamed together for Royal Baby, a glossy magazine, which according to the blurb "offers unrivaled coverage of the celebrations, complete with an intimate look at the whole family at this happy time – from Kate's relationship to the Queen, through to Uncle Harry's delight."

This link provides price, ordering information, and a selection of pages .

Canadian newsmagazine, Macleans, has published two special issues.  I have not seen these publications.  I do not expect to see them for sale in the USA,  except perhaps in shops near the Canadian border.  The price for each magazine is $12.95 (Cdn.)

British tabloid, the Daily Mirror, has published a special commemorative issue, as well.  I have not seen (yet) in the United States.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Death of the Archduke by Greg King and Sue Woolmans

Greg King's The Death of the Archduke, a new examination of the life of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and the political machinations that led to his assassination in Sarajevo on June 28, 1914, will be published in September on both sides of the Pond.  The U.S. release is on September 3, followed by publication in the U.K., on September 26.  Sue Woolmans is the co-author.