Saturday, December 31, 2016

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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Albany - One Dynasty, Two Destinies

Albany - One Dynasty Two Destinies by Robert Golden and Arturo Beeche.  Out now.  Will be reviewed in the next few weeks.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Shopping is not just for the holidays: Amazon clicks

Psst:  you can get almost anything from Amazon, says Harper

On the right  side of this  blog, there are three Amazon search boxes: US, UK and Germany.  If you enter your first Amazon search through one of these boxes, I earn a teeny percentage for each item you purchase ... and you can order books, DVDs, clothes, food,  computer parts ... basically anything from Amazon or or

The latter two pay in gift cards (once you reach a certain amount .. and it can take several years to reach the 25 pounds or euros.)
You cannot order a cat from Amazon  -- but your cat might appreciate the empty box. Sienna loves boxes.

So scroll down a bit to find the links ... and every time to you have an Amazon craving, please head first to Royal Book News or Royal Musings and use the search boxes.  It doesn't cost you anything extra.

Thank you so much.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Royalty Digest Quarterly No 4 2016

Enjoy the new issue - 4/2016 - of ROYALTY DIGEST Quarterly, where Charlotte Zeepvat brings the presentation of the British Royal Family up-to-date. 101 pictures and two pedigrees take the reader from Edward VII to Elizabeth II.
Also in this issue: Netty Leistra writes about the ALBANIAN ROYAL WEDDING; Michael Nash about PRINCESS CHARLOTTE (1796-1817) and her marriage to Leopold of Coburg; Marlene A. Eilers has an article on Three 1st cousins [Alexandra, Maud and Louise] and their 1896 weddings whereas Coryne Hall tells the story of a Romanov Prince, Andreij Alexandrovich, who started a Country Club in Regent's Park. The new series, HALF A CENTURY OF ROYAL LETTERS, continues with some dramatic War time correspondence from 1913 to 1917.
The new issue has just been printed and will be sent out to all subscribers next week. 45 of our subscribers have not yet renewed their subscriptions - if you are one of them, please do so ASAP, since you don't want to miss out on this of all issue ...

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Christie's: The Jewellery Archives Revealed by Vincent Meylan.

Royal Jewelry Lovers will want this book, Christie's: The Jewellery Archives Revealed by Vincent Meylan.

"Full access to Christie's archives has been granted for this book, resulting in the inclusion of never-before seen images
Stories of the world's great jewelry collections
Expertly curating Christie's extensive archives, Vincent Meylan has drawn out the key details of each momentous saleFor centuries, the stories of the world's great jewelry collections have lain hidden within the archives of Christie's, the celebrated auctioneers.
From the tragic European queens, Mary, Queen of Scots and Marie Antoinette - both beheaded - to Hollywood royalty such as Elizabeth Taylor, the vaults sparkle with the most celebrated (and occasionally notorious) names of the last 250 years. Following on from the success of his books on Boucheron: The Secret Archives, Van Cleef & Arpels: Treasures and Legends and Mellerio: Jewellers to the Queens of Europe, author Vincent Meylan explores these remarkable jewelry archives, revealing the mysteries within for the first time.Each sale had its intrigue, each its story to tell. The first auction of jewelry from the British royal family took place at Christie's in 1773, after the death of the Princess of Wales, mother of George III. As the archives reveal, in the subsequent centuries, Christie's has been party to the sale of jewelry by several further generations of British royals, from Lady Patricia Ramsay and the Countess of Southesk through to Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon. And, in the wake of revolution and regicide further afield, the crown jewels of France, Russia, Bavaria, Serbia, Egypt, India and Spain were all sold at Christie's. Aside from Elizabeth Taylor, the legendary movie star collections of Merle Oberon and Gloria Swanson are also revealed here, as well as the most famous pearls and diamonds in the world; each explored within the context of their owners' remarkable lives. Expertly curating the extensive archives, Vincent Meylan has drawn out the key details of each momentous sale. More than a hundred original documents from the vaults are reproduced in the book, alongside hundreds of color illustrations of the jewels and their owners."