Sunday, December 27, 2015

All I have to say is Yea!  David McIntosh's long-in-the-publishing-incubator book about the Bourbon-Two Sicilies dynasty has been published.   Royal Exiles in Cannes The Bourbons of the Two-Sicilies of the Villa Marie-Therese was published earlier this fall by ($48.95).  McIntosh and Arturo Beeche are listed as the book's co-authors .

The title refers to the villa in Cannes, where the family lived in a comfortable exile after King Francesco II lost his throne in 1861, a loss that led to a unified Italy and the house of Savoy on the throne. The home became the primary residence for the Count and Countess of Caserta and their large family.

This 200 plus page book is laden with amazing photographs of the descendants of the Two Sicilies lines - from the main to the collateral branches.   The sixteen chapters cover the male and female branches of the family.

Distaff members have married into other Catholic families including Wurttemberg, Bonapartes, Austria, Brazil, Waldburg zu Zeil, and into three Polish aristocratic families, Czartoryski, Lubomirski and Zamoyski.   All of these families ties make for grand weddings and very large parties.

The authors provide an educated discussion of the family quarrel over who heads the family, and acknowledges (thank you) for my exclusive, published on my other blog, Royal Musinsgs, on the reconciliation between the two main branches.

The photos are in a word: amazing.  Large groups, weddings, family photos, official portraits.
 Royal Exiles in Cannes has an encyclopedic range of material, a depth not seen in most photo books.

Mr.McIntosh's text more than complements the many photographs.   Royal Exiles in Cannes is one the best books ever produced by

It is largely impossible to find Eurohistory books in bookstores.  The best sources for ordering are Amazon and

Royal Exiles in Cannes is an excellent book.  A definite must have for your reading pleasure.

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