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Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and her husband, Prince Daniel are a cute couple, no doubt about it.  Their wedding in June was stunning, poignant and emotional.   The Princess got her guy, and was not afraid to show her emotion, her love for her man.  Victoria and Daniel are very tactile, and demonstrative in their PDAs.

The official wedding book, VÅRT BRÖLLOP,  was published in late 2010 by Natur & Kultur.    Susanna Popova wrote the text, and Paul Hansen is responsible for the photos.  

There was a great international interest in this wedding, so I am surprised that the publisher chose to have a Swedish only text.   That said, I just got up and walked over to my library to look at the official books for the marriages of the Crown Prince of Norway and the Prince of Orange.  The Norwegian book was published with a Norwegian-only text, but the Dutch published two official books: one in Dutch and one in English.

Now that I have gotten that quibble out of my system, I do want to rave about this book.  It's stunning, well produced, and the editors have captured the essence of the wedding - from the announcement of the engagement to the actual wedding day.
The book is broken down into 11 chapters, including chapters on the engagement, the Lynsning, the wedding, the food, the flowers, the gown, the dancing, and the guest list.    The editors have also included superb informal and formal photographs of the Crown Princess and Prince Daniel. 

Interspersed are family photos of the young Victoria and the young Daniel.  One photo shows little Victoria giving a bottle to her baby sister.   Another chapter focuses on the couple visiting the Storkyrkan, the church where they were married on June 19.
No detail is left out; the invitations, the flowers, the stamps, the work on the boat that carried the newlyweds back to the palace, the food, the table settings and the linens, the wedding cake, and, the absolutely gorgeous WEDDING GOWN!
One of the most joyful photos shows Victoria clowning around with two of her bridal attendants, Prince Christian of Denmark and Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway.  The little children, future sovereigns, are among the Crown Princess's godchildren.
This book also features superb photos of the wedding ceremony and the reception, the officials (and setting up for the official  photos)  

The approximate price of the book is 204 SEK.    Here is a link to the publisher's website :

If you click on, you will be taken to another page with a list of Swedish online shops that sell the book.

The Dutch bookstore, Van Hoogstraten, is selling the book for 32.90 Euros.    Van Hoogstraten is a great source for books on royalty.  Their site is in English, and they do send books outside the Netherlands.

VÅRT BRÖLLOP is a book certainly worth obtaining.  You do not need to understand Swedish to appreciate the beauty and the emotion of this wedding.  I was glued to my computer screen all day, watching SVT's live streaming of Crown Princess Victoria's marriage to Daniel Westling.

The DVD is available through SVT.  It is all-region, but only for the PAL system.  North America uses NTSC, and our DVD players do not have built in converters ... except for people like me who went out and hunted for one.  (I got mine on Ebay.)

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