Monday, June 6, 2011

Prince Radu of Romania - a new biography

Prince Radu of Romania, the husband of Crown Princess Margarita, celebrates his 51st birthday today.   He was born on June 7,  1960 in Iasi, Romania.   This book was originally published in Romanian, and was translated into English to reach a wider market.

I met Prince Radu for the first time last September in Belgrade, as we were both guests at Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine's 25th anniversary celebrations.  I was struck by the Prince's erudition -- he is fluent in English --and his compassion and appreciation for Romania, its history and culture.

It is unlikely that the young Radu, growing up in Communist Romania, ever envisioned the life he now lives.  He is the son-in-law of former King Michael, and he plays an increasing public role - one of the positive faces of the Romanian royal family.  

The criticism leveled at the prince is undeserved.  He cares deeply about his country.  He believes in monarchy, and he and his wife, Crown Princess Margarita, are truly a cute couple.

Prince Radu of Romania explores the prince's life from his childhood through his decision to become an actor and his career in the theatre, through his first meeting with Margarita, their eventual marriage, and now their lives as a couple in Romania.

The authors of the biography are Vladimir Cretulescu and Corina Murafa.   Alistair Ian Blyth is responsible for the English translation.

The book was published in Romania  by Litera.

The authors, without any political bias, offer a fair, insightful and honest portrayal of the former Radu Duda.  Prince Radu of Romania is not available from Amazon or your local bookstore.  You can order it directly from Litera.

Prince Radu has written and translated numerous  books, including Queen Anne's memoirs,  Anne of Romania - A War, An Exile, a Life.

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