Monday, October 3, 2011

Princess Sophie of Romania's newest book: A Small Wink from Brittany

HRH Princess Sophie of Romania' long-awaited third bilingual photography book, A Small Wink from Brittany,  is now available.

As poetic as her first two books, this new volume shows you the Brittany she loves from a delightfully enchanting point of view.

The photographs in this book complement each other and take you through the different departments which make up the Brittany of today and of yesterday. You will discover this region through her images much the same way she did close to ten years ago.

www.blurb.comRomania is preciously held in her heart, but Princess Sophie fell under the spell of Brittany and settled there in order to pursue her work which reveals the soul of Brittany as only a Breton artist can. It can be said that she is Breton by adoption.

By opening this book, you will enter the magical world of Breton beauty that Princess Sophie's artistry captures for you."

I think A Small Wink from Brittany will make an excellent Christmas present.  HRH Princess Sophie of Romania is a truly gifted photographer

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