Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dearest Missy for residents of North, Central & South America

I can offer copies of Dearest Missy for sale to residents of Canada, Mexico and Central and South America. 

The cost of the book is $55.00.  This is set by the publisher.   The postage for Canada and Mexico is $12.95 (flat rate envelope) and for Central and South America ($16.95.)  The USPS does not offer book rate for books sent outside the 50 states.  

If you live in Canada, Mexico or Central or South America, and you want to order a copy, you can contact me through the email address for this blog:

royalmusings   at  cox  dot  net    (This is not my paypal address.)

Paypal only.  $67.95 for Canada and Mexico  and $71.95 for Central and South America.  

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