Thursday, April 26, 2012

Poor Little Dutch girl

Once a upon a time -- now -- there lives a Poor Little Dutch Girl who says she loves royal books, pretty, lovely, royal books.  But the books have to be written by pretty, lovely people, or read by pretty, lovely people because the Poor Little Dutch Girl does not like people who do not write pretty or lovely things.  Or people she does not deem to be pretty or lovely or  ... kisses her wooden shoes.

Poor Little Dutch Girl is actually a grown woman, who acts like a spoilt child, who has temper tantrums, who disparages others.  Some weeks ago, for no apparent reason, Poor Little Dutch girl banned me from her royal books message board.  No one I spoke with could find a single post (and I had not posted all that often) that seemed inflammatory.  Heigh Ho! 

Poor Little Dutch Girl refused to explain herself ... she is incapable of explaining.   More recently, she had one of her weekly pouts on another board, tsk tsking another poster for the title of a post about the visit of the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall to Norway.  The post was titled "If it is Thursday, it must be Norway," which is a reference to a movie from the 1960s, "If it is Tuesday, it Must be Belgium."   The poster was slapped silly for the title, as Poor Little Dutch Girl deemed it to be offensive.    Others, too, were mystified by Poor Little Dutch Girl, and said so right on the board.  

 Oh dear, she lost control ... for a few minutes before she returned the slaps to all those who did not agree with her. 

I sent a private email to her, telling her how rude she was to the other poster.  Perhaps she had not heard of the movie, but as it turned out she had, so her original response was inexcusable.   She was rather nasty to me, as expected, and said to me how could I be so mean to her on such a day of sadness in Belgium.  I wrote back telling her that the funerals for the children killed in the bus accident was not relevant to the topic.

Poor Little Dutch Girl has an unnerving habit of using other events to deflect attention away from her.

The final straw came today.  Poor Little Dutch Girl banned author and publisher, Arturo Beeche, from her board as well.  She recently wrote about the authors who attended the recent royal conference at Ticehurst, England, and noted the top selling books ... well, Poor Little Dutch Girl could not give the truth.  She neglected to list the top selling book at the conference, which was Dear Ellen.  She did not even mention it.

Why?  She does not think Art is pretty or lovely.  She believes all the bad things she hears.  In full transparency, I will say that Art is a friend of mine (although I have kicked his butt a few times, but we talk about the problems that he has had, and I am glad to say, Art is back in business, doing good things.)

Art received a lovely email from the owner of the van Hoogstraten bookstore in the Hague, telling him that his book was the number one seller that weekend at Ticehurst.  Number two was the book on the Hohenzollerns, which I reviewed several months ago.

Art asked Poor Little Dutch Girl why he was banned.   She responded with another deflection.  How could he say such things when she was posting such lovely things about the upcoming Luxembourg wedding on another board.   The royal wedding in Luxembourg is not relevant to the conversation.  She cannot face the truth.  She is reality-challenged. 

Poor Little Dutch girl, who mentions Hoogstraten in every other breath, would not acknowledge the truth.  So she banned Art, although she continues to allow shady folks and trouble making drunks to post on her board. 

Poor Little Dutch Girl has been described by several people as a psycho, a control freak, not well-educated.  She is definitely someone who has to be in control at all times, perhaps she is unable to control all things in her private life.   Her wooden shoes are far to big for her feet.  She needs to find a smaller size.   She also needs to free herself from her sidekick, Scottie.

She has no real accomplishments of her own, expect to say that she is a royal book addict.  Addiction is a sickness, and Little Dutch Girl is in need of help.   She is too much saccharine, and not enough sugar.


  1. From what she's been doing on that royal reading message board these past few weeks, I believe the person is manipulative and paranoid to the point of being crazy.

  2. Well said...she gave me some sort of explanation about you...her behavior changed when a certain Brit decided she was going to rid the boards of those she felt unworthy....loyal posters have been banned for no reason...she banned me because I said the victims of the Norway shootings were in a better place...I was deeply shocked because we oftened spoke(email)....she has been greatly influenced by this woman....the role of administrator has gone to her will get an invitation to the White House before you get an explantion....I think all the pain medication may have had a negative effect....I love the Little Dutch Girl story.

  3. Max, a Brit does not manage the boards. Dag does the European board (and that one seems to be heading to a slow death), and Robert (a Swede) is the admin of the others (Benelux, British, Scandinavian). PLDG is the co admin of those boards. No British.

    1. I know but there is a woman who is in constant contact with them.....she has voiced her displeasure many times how the boards were being operated....has stated that certain people shouldn't post.....yourself included.....she has become very active on all the me she has the ear of PLDG....PLGD experienced some personal issues.....many original posters no longer post,yourself included because PLDG is being influenced.....Marlene haven't you realize yet they are jealous of your work.....I was told personal to go through this woman when a certain person on FIRMB posted very negative things about the US and her citizens.....only to find out that she agreed with him.....PLDG behavior changed when personal issues & this Brit became more active.....I recieved from her exactly why you were banned on the RRMB....I just wished I would have saved it.....people are trying to get to where you are in months not thinking it has taken you & others years of hard work.

    2. Max -- email me at royalmusings at please

  4. Well from what i have read, its a good thing that i have missed this blog

  5. Cyndi, PLDG runs a message board, rather than a blog.