Monday, May 21, 2012

Several new commemorative magazines

I am a browser.  I love browsing bookstores.  Although I continue to miss Border's Books, I am starting to fill comfortable at my local Barnes &Noble.  The only foreign magazines are British fashion publications and Hello!

But I do come across a few royal gems every so often.
Will &Kate Anniversary Edition was published by US Magazine (Collector's Edition:$9.99) is a 80 page glossy publication with 180 "revealing photos."   This commemorative edition focuses on William and Catherine's first year with lots of photos of Catherine in very pretty dresses.  One chapter is about the new pad at Kensington Palace, although the photograph of the front of KP is very misleading. William and Kate won't be living in the entire palace.  They are now holed up in a small cottage on Kensington Palace's grounds, but the plans are to move into Princess Margaret's former apartment (which has been used for exhibition in the past few years.)

The writers slip up, especially when writing about future children.  Their children will not be baptised wearing the same christening gown that was worn by Prince William.  The silk and lace christening gown that William wore in 1982 was first worn by Princess Victoria, eldest child of Queen Victoria, when she was baptised in 1840, was last used for the baptism of Lady Louise Windsor, daughter of the Earl and Countess of Wessex.  Due to the fragility of the garment, Queen Elizabeth commissioned a new handmade replica of the gown, which was first worn by the Earl of Wessex's son, Viscount Severn, in 2008. 

The original gown is now being preserved.  The magazine also notes that William's first born child will be third in line, regardless of sex. Although there are plans to reform the succession, the law has not yet been introduced into the British Parliament.  The proposed changes also have to be approved by the Parliaments of 15 other countries, as well as all of the Canadian provinces.  The writers state categorically that the baby will have a Greek royal godparent because William's godfather is King Constantine, and William is godfather to Prince Konstantine-Alexios, son of Crown Prince Pavlos.

Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton have their own photo sections in this commemorative album, which will be on display until July 19.  The price is $9.99.

Expect all types of commemorative publications for the Diamond Jubilee.  One of the commemorative magazines already for sale on both sides of the Atlantic is a rather nice 146 page The Illustrated Diamond Jubilee, published by the Illustrated London News.  This magazine is described as the "definitive record of the Queen in more than 300 pictures." 

Color and black and white photographs, portraits and paintings, magazine covers -- and events in the Queen's life from birth to present day.  Quite nice.

The price is L5.99/$13.99. 

Time Magazine weighs in with The Royal Family, Britain's Resilient Monarchy celebrates Elizabeth II's 60-year-reign.  The text of the articles were written by Catherine Mayer and Time editors, who focus on different aspects of the British monarchy from the Queen herself and her consort, her children, especially the Prince of Wales; the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry.  A chapter on Diana, Princess of Wales, and her influence on the monarchy and her sons, is also included.

Plenty of photographs.  Published in softcover ($12.99)  and hard  cover editions.  Sold in the USA and in Canada in bookstores and at newsstands.  

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