Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Jubilee! Queen Elizabeth II 60 Years on the Throne

Life Magazine's editors have dipped into their superb photograph archive and put together Jubilee! Queen Elizabeth II 60 Years on the Throne.  This100 page publication relies on photographs rather than text ... this is Life Magazine, after all.   This is Queen Elizabeth II's life in image - from birth to a wonderful photograph of a very happy, smiling queen on the day of the Flotilla. 

This publication also includes Lisa Sheridan, Cecil Beaton  and Karsh photographs.  The editors have also included a two page photo spread on Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.

I have the soft cover volume, which will be on sale on September 14.  This edition costs $12.99.   The hard cover edition is $17.99.

Coverage of the actual Jubilee is limited to the Flotilla, and nothing afterward.  If the editors had waited just a few more days, they would have been able to add coverage of all the Jubilee events, including the concert, procession and balcony appearance.

Definitely better than anything produced by the Daily Mirror, which has also published a special Jubilee commemorative magazine.

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