Monday, July 15, 2013

PALACES – The trace of a time recorded on the highest hill in Dedinje


 “PALACES – The trace of a time recorded on the highest hill in Dedinje” book launch at the Royal Palace

 Belgrade, 15 July 2013 – Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander II and Crown Princess Katherine hosted this evening the launch of the book “PALACES – The trace of a time recorded on the highest hill in Dedinje” by an architect Zvonko B. Petkovic this evening at the Royal Palace in Dedinje. Family members of Their Royal Highnesses, Mr. David Andrews with spouse Mrs. Angeliki Margariti Andrews and son, Alexander George Michael, Mrs. Alison Andrews with daughter Ms. Amanda Garfinkel.  

HRH Crown Prince Alexander welcomed the guests and said: “The construction of the Royal Compound in Dedinje was commissioned by my grandfather, HM King Alexander I, in 1922, as a testament to our great nation. Upon the return of my family to our home, twelve years ago, the gates of the Royal Compound have been opened to the public, enabling our citizens to get to know this unique monument of Serbian culture, priceless heritage, which in our recent history was not fully known to our public. My family has put great efforts into rectifying that situation. The book which is in front of you, ‘The Palaces’, written by Zvonko Petkovic, is yet another way of bringing closer the previously forgotten treasures of the Dedinje Palaces, their history and architecture, as the inseparable part of our tradition and culture.”

Speeches were also delivered by Prof. Dr Zoran Avramovic, state secretary at the Ministry of Culture and information of Serbia, Dr. Zoran Gavric, professor at the University of Applied Arts and one of the reviewers of the book and the author.


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