Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Royal Magazine collection for sale

A longtime friend of mine, Susan Grindstoff is downsizing and selling her "extensive collection of Royalty Digest issues from 1993-2001 available for sale. Also for sale are copies of The Imperial Russian Journal, The European Royal History Journal, Atlantis Magazine, Royalty magazine, and Majesty magazine." You can contact Susan at heronblue92@gmail.com Update: the copies of Atlantis have been sold. UPDATE: This is what is left for sale --Royalty Digest: issues from 1993-1998, Vols. III-VII. ( $1 each) --Imperial Russian Journal: four issues from 1997-2001 ($5 each) --Royalty Magazine: six issues from 1989-1992 ($5 each) --Majesty Magazine: July 1989 issue ( Vol. 10, No. 3) @ $5

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