Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Mignon by Diana Mandache

Romanian historian Diana Mandache has written a book on Queen  Marie of Yugoslavia, consort of Alexander I.

Marie, known as Mignon, was the second daughter of King Ferdinand and Queen Marie of Romania.

The  book is in Romanian.  I am told there are plenty of photographs. 

The book is published by Curtea Veche.   The price is  70 Lei (about $17.00). I will be ordering a copy in  few weeks and will review here.


Use the right click of your mouse to translate if you are using a computer.  I have ordered several of Diana's books from her publisher, which accepts credit cards.  The total cost for the book and postage is about $35.00.

Mignon will not be translated into English.  Diana is fluent in English, but  I think her publisher does not think a bi-lingual text will be successful. 

Amazon offers a selection of Diana's  books.  The books on Cotroceni, Bran, and Balcicul are especially good.





  1. Hello Marlene, Thank you for mentioning my book. The Romanian publishing houses usually print in Romanian language, it is only the local policy. Diana M.

  2. We need to get the publisher to change this view -- several people told me they would buy the book if it were in English. Personally, I would recommend to them a bi-lingual - in Romanian and English -- market for sales just increased