Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Royalty Digest Issue 4 2019

The December issue of ROYALTY DIGEST QUARTERLY will go to print this week and should hopefully reach all current subscribers before Christmas.

This is an exciting issue where The Bonapartes play an important role. Other articles are

The Other Mrs Simpson (Lady Milford Haven) - by Marlene A Eilers

Empress Elisabeth of Austria and Geneva - by Elizabeth Jane Timms

Two Emperors and One King on the Water II - by Douglas Scott Brookes

The Royal Houses of France - A Family Album III: The House of Bonaparte - by Charlotte Zeepvat

The November 1918 Abdications, part V - by Bearn Bilker

The Six Stunning Infantas of Portugal - by Datiu Salvia OcaƱa

Little-Known Royals: Prince Gustav of Denmark - by Coryne Hall

World Wide Web of Royalty

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