Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bring on the wedding magazines

While browsing at Borders today (and getting my vanilla latte, large, skim milk), I noticed several new wedding magazines. 

USA Today's The Royal Wedding ($7.99) is the companion volume to the magazine published to commemorate William and Catherine's engagement. Nearly 100 pages of text (USA Today articles) and photographs.  This magazine has a great shot of the front seating, including the foreign royals, German cousins and the Mountbattens. 

This commemorative issue also includes features about the couple's life at St. Andrew's.  The final photograph is one I don't think I have ever seen.  The Prince and Princess of Wales with their two young sons.  Harry is about two years old.  Sitting on Diana's lap is the Prince of Wales' Jack Russell Terrier.  A rather sweet photograph.

The Royal Wedding from the Editors of Us Magazine is billed as the Collector's Edition and The Complete Photo Album.  Seventy seven pages of color photographs, including a pull out photograph showing the front of the abbey, where one can see the foreign royals and the members of the family sitting behind the British royal family.    The magazine also has features on Prince Harry (will he marry  Chelsy Davys), the Queen and the late Diana, Princess of Wales.  The price is $9.99, and the magazine will be on sale until August 1.  

The US Magazine Collector's Edition is published on highly quality glossy paper.  The magazine also published a commemorative magazine, which was published shortly after the engagement.


Newsweek's Special Commemorative Issue ($9.95) includes photographs from the wedding and feature articles on the couple, royal residences,  Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton, the in-laws, the Middletons, and ... yawn, a profile on Diana.  This magazine is also on sale in Canada.  Nearly 100 glossy pages.

Life Magazine has published The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, trumpeted as the Expanded Commemorative Edition.  128 pages.  Photographs of the wedding, features on previous royal weddings, the British royal family  ("Meet the Windsors,", "the Lady says Yes,") and plenty of photographs of the wedding, of the couple, growing up. 
Photographs are the hallmark, the essence of all Life publications.  The price is $13.99 in the USA and $16.99 in Canada. High quality paper. 

This will also be published in a hard cover edition ($19.95).

I also  noticed special magazines commemorating the wedding published by Access  Hollywood Presents the Royal Wedding andTV Guide. One reader emailed me to say that the Access Hollywood magazine is" overpriced and unorganized", and not worth the $14.95.   In other words, there are other magazines for indulgement.

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