Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Four Graces by Ilana Miller

Ilana Miller's introspective and well-researched The Four Graces is Majesty Magazine's book of the month.  Yes, the book is a bit pricey ($43.00), but it is worth the investment.  This the story of the four daughters of Princess Alice and Grand Duke Louis IV of Hesse and By Rhine:  Victoria, Elisabeth, Irene and Alix, as seen through the eyes of the eldest child, Princess Victoria.

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I cannot stress enough that this is one of the best new royal books published in a VERY LONG TIME!  It has it all - romance, pathos, emotion, history, love, desire, passion as the lives of these very interesting princesses emerge from the quiet of the very small Grand Duchy to moving toward the international stage.
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These four women lived very different lives, yet remained loving, caring sisters.    

Click on the link  (showing the image) of The Four Graces.  The majority of the surviving bookstores will not have the book in stock, although the publisher does supply to Amazon.  

This book is the perfect companion to David Duff's Hessian Tapestry and Richard Hough's  Louis & Victoria: the First Mountbattens.

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