Monday, January 14, 2013

Guillaume & Stephanie Impression einer glanzvollen Prinzenhochzeit

Today's mail brought me several new books (woo hoo.)  One book I took the couch (after first going to the gym for my Monday night Zumba class) to examine and read.

On October 20, Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume married Belgian Countess Stephanie de Lannoy.  It was a very grand wedding for tiny Luxembourg.  Guillaume was the last European heir apparent to wed.

Everyone (well nearly everyone) attended the Roman Catholic service in the Cathedral.  French journalist Stephane Bern is the author of Guillaume & Stephanie: Impressionen einer glanzvollen Prinzenhochzeit.   (The title translates to Guillaume & Stephanie: Impressions of a glamorous Princely wedding.)

Editions St. Paul (with the support of Luxemburger Wort, one of the country's primary newspapers) and TV network, RTL) published the two book in two editions: French and German, two of Luxembourg's three languages. 

I ordered the German edition because I can read the text.   From what I understand, apart from the language, there are no differences between the two editions.

Stephane Bern offers readers a glimpse into the lives of Guillaume and Stephanie through words and images from their births and baptisms to the announcement of the engagement followed by the civil and religious services.

The book also includes the text of the  couple's pre-wedding interview, as well as the official photographs for the engagement and the wedding.

112 pages.  Hundreds of photos, all in color. The book also features a lovely sketch of the Elie Saab wedding gown and the Lannoy tiara that the bride wore on her wedding day.

The couple made their vows in Luxembourgish although most of the wedding was conducted in French.

The book comes with a DVD, RTL's coverage of the wedding.  This DVD is Region 2 PAL, which means North Americans will not be able to view the DVD unless they have an all-region code free DVD player with a built-in PAL converter. 

Both editions, as well as an E-book (French), can be ordered directly from Editions St. Paul.  Hoogstraten, a bookstore on the Hague, offers the French language edition, and sells the German edition.

Guillaume & Stephanie is (as far as I know) the only book on the wedding.  It offers a more than adequate look at the wedding  -- and the lives of the bride and groom -- but I would have preferred  a bigger book with even more wedding photos including more photos of the guests. 
The book was published in a soft-cover and cost 21 Euros.  The E-book is 15 Euros.

Thoroughly enjoyed the book.  As I turned each page, I was reminded of the actual wedding day when I got up at 4 a.m., turned on the laptop to be able to watch the live streaming.  I now plan to watch the DVD from the comfort of my couch -- and at a reasonable hour.

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