Friday, November 1, 2013

A new biography on Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll

Several years ago I was able to attend Lucinda Hawkley's lecture on Princess Louise at the National Portrait Gallery in London.  Hawskley mentioned she was writing a book on Princess Louise. 

I am looking forward to reading her new book, The Mystery of Princess Louise: Queen Victoria's Rebellious Daughter (Chatto & Windus: £25.00).

It will be interesting to see how this book stands up to the largely definitive biography, Princess Louise, Queen Victoria's Unconventional Daughter by Jehanne Wake.  I can certainly recommend adding this book to a royal library.  One of the best royal biographies ever written.  Also recommended Darling Loosy: Letters to Princess Louise, 1856-1939.  This compilation of letters was edited by the late acclaimed royal biographer, Elizabeth Longford.


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  1. Lucinda Hawkley having completed her book gave another lecture earlier this month (January 2014) on Princess Louise at the National Portrait Gallery . I was able to be present at the lecture and apparently more people turned up for the lecture than available seating. Accordng to the person introducng Lucinda there was somewhat of a riot outside the lecture theatre by those who couldn't get into the lecture. I wasn't very convinced about the story of Princess Louise giving birth to a baby. Archives are off limit on Princess Louise and her husband so I think it is all speculation on the part of Lucinda in her book. Queen Victoria's Unconventional Daughter by Jehanne Wake is selling at high prices on so I'm tempted to get the Kindle version based on your high recommendation. You mention in your praise of this book that it was "One of the royal biographies ever written", possibly you missed out a word between the and royal.