Friday, November 1, 2013

Shopping on Amazon helps me out!

Full transparency:  if you click on one of my Amazon links and purchase the book, I earn a few pennies.  Seriously a few pennies.  You can also purchase books or anything else on Amazon if you use my search boxes (for US, UK & Germany)  -- and readers have stepped up to the plate and ordered some interesting things. 

The extra pennies don't come from you, but from Amazon sharing their good fortune with people who want to spread the good word about their company.

It does not matter whether you purchase the product direct from Amazon or from a third party.  It does matter, however, that the item(s) be ordered from a link, using one of the search boxes (make sure you are already logged into your own Amazon account) or my Stores.

Every little bit (and I mean little) is going toward my 60th birthday blow out next spring.  The actual birthday is in June, but prices are a little less expensive in May.  The plan -- for now -- is to fly to London for a few days, then fly to Dubrovnik, spend a few days there, take a bus into Montenegro and see more of that beautiful country, and perhaps get to Albania for a day or so, and return to London for another day or two.

I only wish one could also earn air miles on Amazon.

All you need to do is shop, using the links on Royal Musings and here on Royal Book News. 

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