Thursday, February 17, 2011

British Royal Weddings of the 20th Century

British Royal Weddings of the 20th Century is a new region 2  DVD  (which is the United Kingdom and Western Europe).  It will be released in the UK on April 4.

"Throughout the twentieth century, Royal Weddings were events of majestic splendour. People would camp out overnight in the streets of London to get a prime location for the procession the next day. They would gather in their thousands to garner a glimpse of the newly married couple on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. Street parties were held up and down the country in celebration - the extravagance, the splendour, the sheer pomp and pageantry all combined to make for extraordinary scenes of patriotic pride and national unity. In this collection we relive all the major Royal Weddings of the Twentieth Century, seeing them just as the cinema audiences of the time would have experienced them. Join us in a comprehensive and nostalgic look back at some of the most memorable and extraordinary days, in not just royal history, but in the history of Britain. 1922 PRINCESS MARY 1922 LORD MOUNTBATTEN 1923 PRINCE ALBERT wed ELIZABETH BOWES-LYON 1934 DUKE OF KENT weds PRINCESS MARINA OF GREECE 1935 PRINCE HENRY, DUKE OF GLOUCESTER 1947 PRINCESS ELIZABETH weds PRINCE PHILIP 1960 PRINCESS MARGARET weds ANTONY ARMSTRONG-JONES 1961 PRINCE EDWARD DUKE OF KENT weds KATHERINE WORSLEY 1963 PRINCESS ALEXANDRA weds MR ANGUS OGILVY 1972 PRINCE RICHARD (DUKE OF GLOUCESTER) weds BIRGITTE VAN DEURS of DENMARK 1973 PRINCESS ANNE weds MARK PHILLIPS 1981 PRINCE CHARLES weds LADY DIANA SPENCER 1986 PRINCE ANDREW weds SARAH FERGUSON DVD BONUS FEATURES 1949 EARL OF HAREWOOD 1960 LADY PAMELA MOUNTBATTEN and additional silent camera rushes of the major weddings.


ROYAL WEDDINGS are an event of majestic splendour attracting world-wide attention, with street parties held up and down the country in celebration. They are the celebration of extravagance, splendour and pageantry all combined to make extraordinary scenes of patriotic pride and national unity. This DVD is a comprehensive collection of the most memorable days from all major ROYAL WEDDINGS of the TWENTIETH CENTURY. Includes 13 ROYAL WEDDINGS dating from Princess Mary 1922.
Please note: this DVD WILL NOT play on most American and Canadian DVD players.  

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