Friday, February 4, 2011

read more about it: the Bulgarian royals

For more information on Ferdinand of Bulgaria, here are several recommended titles:

Foxy Ferdinand, 1861-1948, Tsar of Bulgaria by Stephen Constant.  This biography was published in the UK by Sidgwick & Jackson in 1979.

Ferdinand of Bulgaria: the dream of Byzantium by Hans Roger Madol  (1933)


Ferdinand of Bulgaria: the Amazing Career of a Shoddy Czar (1916)

Crown of Thorns: King Boris III of Bulgaria by Stephane Groueff (University Press of America: 1987)

King of Mercy: Boris III of Bulgaria 1894-1943 by Pashanko Dimitroff  (Wexford & Barrow: 1993)

King Maker - Clementine d'Orleans Princess Augustus of Saxe-Coburg by Pashanko Dimitroff (1997)

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