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St. James's Palace A History

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Hurrah, finally a book on St. James's Palace in London.  
All ambassadors are accredited to the Court of St. James, even though the sovereign now lives at Buckingham Palace.

St. James's Palace is one of the oldest of British palaces, and has been a royal residence since Henry VIII ordered the on construction on the site of a former leper hospital.  The palace came into its own during the reign of the Stuarts.  The magnificent State Apartments were designed by Christopher Wren for Queen Anne.

/div> The palace has been home to many royals, including the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, the Gleichens, Princess Mary, Countess of Harewood, the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, and the Duke and Duchess of Kent.    The Princess Royal, Princess Alexandra and Princess Beatrice of York all have apartments at the palace, which also continues to be used for official occasions.  The palace is also home to various offices, including the Prince of Wales' charities.   Princess Alexandra now occupies the Gleichens' apartments
Kenneth Scott is the author of St. James's Palace A History (Scala: $45.00), which is the first modern study of this most fascinating residence.   Scott takes us through a rich pageantry of history as seen through the eyes of the kings and queens who used St. James's Palace as a residence or a place to receive guests.

The forward was written by the Princess Royal, who was born at Clarence House (a part of St. James's Palace), and who now has an apartment in the palace.   The histories of Clarence House,  Marlborough House and Lancaster House are intertwined with St. James's Palace.

The book features historical photographs as well as wonderful images of the State Rooms and other rooms.   St. James's Palace is a working royal residence and not open to the public, even the State Apartments.  The Royal Chapel and the Queen's Chapel are open for Sunday services.

St. James's Palace A History was published in the United Kingdom in November 2010.

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