Friday, April 8, 2011

William & Catherine: more books

And they keep on coming - the William and Kate books. 

Dover Publications recently published William & Kate Paper Dolls designed by Tom Tierney.  The price is $9.99.   The book has been published to commemorate the marriage of Prince William of Wales and Miss Catherine Middleton.   Little girls will love this  book.  They can cut out William and Kate and their clothes (including Kate's engagement dress) and play pretend.  (After the wedding, Dover will offer a free download of the couple's wedding attire.)

Mary Boone is the author of Royal Romance, Modern Marriage The Love Story of William & Kate  (Triumph Books: $14.99).  This is 130 page soft cover that doesn't offer anything new, just lots of fluff, familiar photos and plenty of references to Diana.

The book includes chapters on William and Kate's lives before they met, on falling in love, their engagement, comparisons to Charles and Diana, and royal weddings in other countries, including Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden,  Prince Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, Prince Nikolaos of Greece and Princess Sayako of Japan, 

Well-illustrated, simply written, and offering nothing more than another notch on the royal wedding book wagon.

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