Friday, August 5, 2011

Kate & Diana William's two loves

The Daily Mirror has published a new magazine, Diana & Kate William's two loves.  This is a 82 page glossy publication filled with photographs of the late Diana, Princess of Wales and HRH The Duchess of Cambridge.   These photos are complimented with articles that were originally published in the Daily Mirror.

The soft covered publication is divided into eleven chapters:  Young Bride in Love, Shy Di & Confident Kate,  Joined by a Ring, Stepping out as a Royal,  Two Days that Captivated a Nation,  The First Woman in William's life, The Nation's Darling, A Troubled Woman, Going Solo, a Nation in Mourning, and The Future (what Kate can learn from Diana "as she establishes her own role as part of the royal family."

This is certainly a sugar-filled publication, enhanced with photographs from the Mirror's extensive photograph archives

The magazine is on sale at newsstands in the United Kingdom (£4.99), and perhaps bookstores, as well.   Here in the USA, the magazine can be found in bookstores (in the magazine section), including Barnes & Noble.   The U.S. price is $11.99.

The magazine is also available for sale through the Mirror's own site.

Kate enthusiasts will appreciate this new magazine.  Dianamaniacs will love it!


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