Thursday, August 18, 2011

William and Kate a Royal Love Story by James Clench

Fluff yes, but this book turned out to be a delight.  Not scholarly, nor earth-shattering, but a delight nonetheless.  James Clench, The Sun's royal correspondent, has an easy, comfortable style, which makes William & Kate Royal Love Story easy to read, and enjoyable.

This book was published shortly after the engagement was announced,  which meant a rush to get into print, as other publishers were also readying similar books.   

The photos are largely the result of Sun photographers, including the first kiss (in public) in Switzerland in 2006.

William & Kate A Royal Love Story is an enjoyable read, certainly not earth shattering, and no real new information.  A rehashing with style.    The American publisher is Sterling ($19.95.)  The British publisher is Harper Collins (£12.00)

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