Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Young Royals on Tour William & Catherine in Canada

Three cheers for Canadian publisher Dundurn, which has published the first book about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's first overseas tour to Canada. 

Young Royals on Tour  is a slick, well-produced soft-cover book that covers the July trip to Canada.   The author is Christina Blizzard, a journalist who has worked  for The Toronto Sun and The Guardian.  She is now the Queen's Park columnist for QMI, a Canadian news agency.

Young Royals on Tour: William & Catherine in Canada

Blizzard provides a detailed day-by-day description of William and Catherine's tour.  Each day - Ottawa, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Northwest Territories, Slave Lake and Calgary.    The text is  complemented by superb photos, the majority of which were taken by QMI photographers.  This is a far better effort than Hello's recent special issue on the Canadian tour.

The book also includes photographs from previous Canadian tours  by Queen Elizabeth II -- and yes, there are also a few photos of the late Diana, Princess of Wales, included the famous edited photograph showing Diana greeting her two young sons on the HMS Britannia.  The Prince of Wales, who was standing right next to Diana, was edited out of the photograph.  (This was done to give the impression that Charles was an uncaring father, which was far from the actual truth, but misconceptions sell more newspapers.)
The book has 64 pages and costs $14.99/£9.99.

Five stars for Young Royals on Tour  William & Catherine in Canada.   Dundurn has made this book available for sale through Amazon, and  The book can also be purchased at bookstores throughout Canada.   It is not available at American bookstores.

Dundurn also published William & Catherine A Royal Wedding Souvenir, which was published simultaneously in the United Kingdom by Pitkins.  Annie Bullen wrote the informative text, focusing  not only on the royal wedding, but also on the royal engagement and biographical information on Prince William and the former Catherine Middleton.  

Informative and well laid-out, which is the norm for Pitkins publications.  The price is $14.99 in Canada and in the United States.   The edition sold in the United Kingdom was published by Pitkins.

This is one of the better produced books on the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

In fact, both books are highly recommended.

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