Thursday, March 31, 2011

One book to miss -- really!!

This book is for sale through Amazon and called The Royal Families of Europe by Lars Ulwencreutz.   Three words: don't buy it.  Do not waste your money.  A friend of mine, Steven Lavallee,  wrote this review, and has given me permission to repost here.

"This book includes huge swathes of direct copy-and-pasted material that can be found on a long established website widely known to fans of royal genealogy called "An Online Gotha." The author and publisher appears to have re-formatted entries from An Online Gotha, centering each entry instead of using the left-hand margin approach used at the website. There is no bibliography at all (no footnotes, and no index either). Looking over the book, a naive person might imagine that the 700+ pages of largely copied information simply sprung from Mr. Ulwencreutz's head."

The author and the publisher are one in the same.    The Royal Families of Europe is a rip off.  Do not ... I repeat ... do not purchase this book.    Ulwencreutz apparently plans ten volumes during the next year.  It can be safely assumed that he is not doing any original research, but cutting and pasting from other people.

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