Saturday, March 12, 2011

Prince Michael of Greece's Bourbon-Orleans

Prince Michael of Greece's book, Bourbon-Orléans was published by Rosvall Royal Books in 2009. As the book is still in print - and Ted Rosvall is my publisher, too -- I thought I should give the book a plug.

Prince Michael, who was born in 1939, is the only child of the late Prince Christopher of Greece and the late Princess Francoise of France. He has impeccable family connections on both sides of his family.  This book focuses on his maternal side - the Bourbon-Orleans branch of the French royal house. 

This is an inclusive selection of photos - from King Louis Philippe and Queen Marie Amelie to the final formal portrait of Prince Christopher, Princess Francoise and infant Prince Michael -- that are breathtaking in their historical value.  But many of these portraits are also private family snaps.  Little Princess Margherita of Savoy-Aosta wearing a Tahitian costume and prancing outside at Miramare. There are also photographs from the weddings of the Count of Paris  and Isabelle de Orleans-Braganza,  Anne of France and the Duke of Aosta,  Louise of France and Don Carlo of Borbon-Two-Sicilies.

Members of the family made grand marriages, even though the French royal house was in exile.  Princess Amelie married the future King Carlos of Portugal.   Philippe, Duke of Orleans's marriage to Archduchess Maria Dorothea  of Austria, was childless and miserable.  Princess Helene, once linked to the Duke of Clarence, married the Duke of Aosta, a cousin of the Italian King.  Helene's religion kept her from marrying the second line to the British throne.

This is a superb book.  So many wonderful and delightful group photos of a historic family.  Kudos to Prince Michael for opening his family albums, and allowing Rosvall Royal Books to compile this book.

I understand the book can be ordered from van Hoogstragen.   Rosvall Royal Books can be contacted by email:

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