Saturday, March 12, 2011

Royal Weddings A Very Peculiar History

Question:  who ran away and got married in secret?

Answer: Edward the Black Prince who eloped with Joan, the Fair Maid of Kent, reported to be the most beautiful woman in England.  The bride and groom were cousins.

Inquiring minds want to know about royal weddings -- the facts, just the facts -- and the answers can be found in a very cute book, Royal Weddings A Very Peculiar History (Salariya: £7.99.   Fiona Macdonald has certainly done her research  -- the term wedding breakfast was not used until the 19th century -- "like fish-knives."

Here you will find the alleged bridegroom checklist compiled by the Dutch minister of Foreign Affairs in 1926.  Crown Princess Juliana's future husband had to be royal, Protestant, healthy, wealthy, intelligent, of good reputation, from a responsible family, not German and not Dutch!

So why was there a double wedding - the only one in British royal history in 1818?  "To produce more heirs" ... of course.

Royal Weddings a Very History is positively brilliant, humorous and pure delight.  Where else can you learn about royal honeymoons, royal sex (yes, royals do have sex), honeymoons, food, even royal revulsion on the wedding nights.  Carefully researched - and coveted.  You will not put this book down.  You will laugh .. and smile .. and laugh some more. 

I am impressed with the quality - and the depth of the research.  A definite must have for the let's have some fun set.   Royal Weddings Very Peculiar History -- get it, read it, enjoy it!

Americans can order it from, which makes the book less costly for North American readers.

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