Saturday, March 12, 2011

William and Kate by Christopher Anderson: don't bother!!!!

This is one book you can miss.  Seriously.  Don't bother.  Christopher Anderson is the author, and he is not very good.  This book, subtitled A Royal Love Story, is utter crap.  He tries to portray Carole Middleton as a scheming mother, determined to push her daughter toward  Prince William, by demanding that Kate go to St. Andrews.  She tries to push Kate into getting her application before Christmas.
Sorry, Mr. Anderson, but British universities do not have rolling admissions!

What is also insufferable is Anderson's attempt to create alleged statements by Kate and her family regarding the royal family at the time of Diana's death -- and how cruel and horrible the royal family was to Diana -- so why would Carole want to sacrifice her elder daughter to marriage with a member of the Royal Family.  Utter tosh.

This book is as bad as Anderson's earlier royal books, The Day Diana Died and Diana's Boys (as if Diana conceived without the help of the Prince of Wales.)    One can never trust a writer who lists Harold Brooks-Baker as a source.

Don't bother with this awful treacle.  Definitely not worth adding to any library.  Not even worth reading on the Metro.

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